• actaschool A 100% Cloud ERP to manage all the activity of your university, institute, school groups or school, both user-friendly and secured ensuring confidentiality and data integrity through the implementation of good security practices such as the SSL protocol adopted by leaders of IT industry, to encrypt all your communications internet

    offers a freely configurable access level control to organize who has the right to see what; Administrators, teachers, students, parents and school or university management team.

    This process automation solution eliminates repetitive data entry, minimizes paper consumption, helps institutions work smarter, and focuses on what they do best - spreading education!

    The various modules available in actaschool facilitate the processes of your university or school activity. Starting with the inscription of new students, up to the generation of transcripts timelines, and manage transportation and residences.

    The great strength of actaschoollies in its scalability and adaptability with its modular architecture. It starts with basic functionality and grows as your needs change.

    Implementing the Business Intelligence module consolidates data for all entities, integrates and transforms them to create useful reports and dashboards as required.


  • Schooling

    tool that can be configured in a very simple way according to your needs, respecting Moroccan education standards including several sub-modules :

    • Registration Management
    • Classroom Management
    • Management of educational attainment
    • Student Management
    • Parent / Guardian Management
    • Time management (Theoretical / Real)
    • Absence management
    • Cost / Contine Management
    • Classes Management / Coefficients
    • Management of academic results.
    • Teacher management
  • transport

    Manage and optimize your entire transport operation to ensure safe and efficient transportation of students to and from school. You can keep vehicle and traffic details collect transportation costs and track the number of students who use school transportation :

    • Vehicle Management
    • Driver management
    • Management of circuits.
    • Student management by vehicle
    • Consumer Tracking
    • Contract management
    • Expenditure Management
    • Management of statutes
  • Library

    Reference all your books, and manage requests, borrowings, reservations and returns.

    • Book management
    • Management of book collections
    • Managing Publishers
    • Author's management
    • Managing book requests
    • Management of loans
    • Returns Management

  • Exam & Notes

    Performs all tasks related to setting, prescribing, scheduling and monitoring the execution of exams and grades up to the automatic generation of bulletins.

    • Scheduling of examinations.
    • Managing notes.
    • Calculates final results
    • Generating bulletins
  • résidence

    A comprehensive formula for managing rental properties to focus on improving the student experience

    • Room Management
    • Room Colocation Management
    • Management of maintenance requests
    • Inventory Management and Inspections
    • Payment management.
  • home

    History of clients visits and calls including:

    • Managing incoming / outgoing calls
    • Management of visits
    • Management of appointments

  • Treasury

    Facilitate the supervision of your receipts, your payments and your financial activity.

    • Cash Management (General / Expenses)
    • Management of cash transactions (Payments / Receipts).
    • Management of checks and books
    • Management of bank accounts
    • Management of transfers between funds or to the bank
    • Integration of bank statements
    • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounting

    working intuitively, clearly and quickly with customers and suppliers. During the creation, validation of each accounting documents (invoice, payment credit note, bank statement, ...), the accounting documents and entries are generated automatically.

    • General compatibility
    • Finance management
    • Asset Management
    • Analytical and budgetary accounting
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Management of VAT according to the collection system + teledeclaration
    • Generation of the tax package + tele-declaration
  • Human Resource

    Covers the process of managing human resources from administrative tasks to printing of reports and teledeclarations to payroll management:

    • Administrative management
    • Payroll Management
    • Contract management
    • Staff management
    • Generation of transfer orders
    • Leave management
    • Gestion des jours fériés
    • Scoring with badges, borrowing.
    • Payroll management and settings
    • Teledeclaration by the CNSS and the AMO: DAMANCOM
    • Automatic generation of payroll accounting entries
    • Edition of the states (CNSS, AMO, IR, payroll, payroll, CIMR ...)
    • Generation of State 9421 + Teledeclaration

  • business intelligence

    the computer for the use of decision-makers and managers of the institution. It helps decision-making by offering:

    • Dashboard generation and analysis
    • Reporting
    • Calculation of cost, profit and profit margins
    • Data Consolidation
    • Evaluation of activities
  • Purchase

    To meet the different purchasing needs, purchasing follow-up and their regulations by combining

    • Price Management
    • Articles referential
    • Supplier repository
    • Management of Purchase Requisitions
    • Purchase Orders and Invoices
    • Supplier Evaluation
  • Administration

    Answer the question who has access to what and who should do what? In order to make a finer management of the access rights of the users of the system and to define privileges specific to each role of your establishment.

    • User Management
    • Role management
    • Group Management
    • Management of permissions

10 raisons d’utiliser actaschool

    • 100% Web :You do not need to install any software on your terminal ( PC, tablet, smartphone ...). actaschool is an online school or university management system. This means that you can use your favorite browser to access it.
    • Data exchange with the “Massar”.
    • No hidden fees :Transparent pricing has actaschool Based on the number of students.
    • Security : All data is secure. Do not worry about stealing crucial information. We protect your data.
    • Continuous improvement : Scalable system thanks o improvements made by the e-acta team every day to meet all your requirements.
    • Customizable : In just a few clicks configure the application to meet your most sharp need.
    • Data Analysis : Used to generate detailed and dynamic statistics, reports and graphs that can be exported in several formats.
    • Support 24h/7j : The e-acta team is there to offer support to help with any problems you encounter or simply answer any questions you may have about you may have about actaschool.
    • Advanced Search : Allows more complex searches by combining terms or phrases The more it serves to facilitate the filtering, categorization and grouping of your information.
    • There are two ways to deploy :
      • Cloud : hosted in the clouds accessible anywhere and at any time.
      • Local : deploy in intranet on the local network of your establishment.